Lost in a new world – Apprentice #1

Surya Book Store, 10th Cross Malleshwaram; Photo courtesy Natasha @mentor

Have you ever thought of what would happen,if you sit in a place filled with books?

Oh yes! You would get lost in an unknown world full of books that would transport you to different places in the world. Maybe a beautiful scenery with the most mesmerizing sunset or a sunny day on the beaches of India. How about a world filled with chocolates or a land full of witches?

To me this Surya Bookhouse was a path to get lost in the world of books. From novels to detective stories  to classics. This store has it all. Or even informative to academic books or language to literature. This tiny shop on the 10th cross of Malleshwaram is the door to a new world. To experience getting lost you must go here. Maybe it is a book lovers dream!

Anagha @ Apprentice – Skills Beyond Education

One thought on “Lost in a new world – Apprentice #1

  1. What a discovery for a young person! I hope many more lose themselves and find a path in this world of book and the world of apprenticeship! Seek and find….

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