A to Zen – Apprentice #7

Work by Anagha @Apprentice

Our morning circle brought forth the first chapter of “bravery stories”. We also shared our thoughts and feelings of this new process and clarified any doubts as to the authenticity of our intentions. This was followed by freeing the thoughts penned down in our journals, highlighting our cherry moments and cultivating gratitude. We also discussed the various positive and negative thoughts and feelings we had on two of the Super Six topics: Water scarcity and less resources. Though we have much to learn and research in these areas, our shared thoughts and feelings reassured us that we were working on improving things together – both for ourselves and our society.

Mentors & Apprentices indulged in zen-tangling

After our fruit break, we indulged in the delightful art of Zen-tangling. Such a simple and light-hearted way to unwind; who would’ve thought that drawing on paper could draw us away from the stress of the day? Apart from the innumerable benefits of this pattern-creating art, the myriad of strokes and intricate designs produce sheer beauty. It reminded me so much of the therapeutic effect I used to have when someone would beautify my hands with henna, tracing elaborate floral designs and decorative elements across my palms and fingers. The best part was, I could continue to admire their work long after the henna paste was washed off from my hands.

Now we had yet another gem to add to our growing treasure box of activities.

Mentor @ Skills Beyond Education

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