The Birth of Bravehearts – Apprentice #6


We had plenty of food for thought for our morning circle. Our discussions were interwoven with recollections from our weekend, gratitude moments, the pros and cons of social media, reflections on living without electricity and a discourse on the 40 world issues proceeding from last week. Two rounds of voting narrowed it down to the “Super Six”.

The Captain also introduced a novel concept: The Bravery Box. He explained how spontaneous acts of assistance qualified for the Bravery Box. To be brave means to step out of one’s comfort zone and reach out to the “other” – an unfamiliar variable. We social animals have evolved within the accustomed ways of living from our carefully-curated tribes who share our world views. By incorporating brave acts of kindness, we not only enhance our powers of perception and empathy, we break down barriers of “us versus them” and reach a greater understanding of humanity. Hence, the Bravery Box was added to the rest of the prescribed daily assignment.

Lunch was followed by revisiting the list of questions we had formed when we visited the blood drive and resolving some doubts through the internet.

Our closing circle recognized and appreciated the new practice that was introduced today; moving forward, we would do our part with a brave heart.

Mentor @ Skills Beyond Education

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