Meeting with an Entrepreneur “Asawari” – Apprentice #8

Asawari & Danak Naturals

I was told that we were going to meet an entrepreneur as a part of our project so I just prepared those usual formal questions. Until I realized I was meeting an entrepreneur with a different life journey and yes I was definitely wonderstruck and amazed! As I went along speaking to Asawari, I was put at a definite ease by her talk and my questions changed. I was no longer asking those formal questions and wanted to know her path of life that was completely unheard of!

Asawari is a home-schooler and a self-learner. She is one such person who gives hope to home-schoolers and people who are trying to find their passion in life. She is one of the first persons I have ever met who has walked a different path in life and shown people that there are alternate routes.

in conversation with the apprentices

Asawari was home-schooled and later learned at her parents school Aarohi Life Education till the age of 16. She then decided to do a 2 year project at Swaraj University located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. In Swaraj you do not need a degree to join this university. The university works on self-directed learning and ecological sustainability. This helped Asawari understand her fields of interest.

Dhanak Naturals

Asawari has now opened a small business on natural products for personal care named “Dhanak Naturals”. She focuses on environment sustainability and reuses materials for the packaging her products. She collects plastic covers from people’s houses such as grocery packets, bread packets, online orders etc. and then washes, dry’s and reuses them. She has so far made hair-wash powder, lip balm, tooth powder, bath powder and dish-wash powder all natural and eco-friendly!

Asawari sharing her lifestory

It requires a different mentality and strength to be able to choose a different path in life. We apprentices were extremely grateful to Asawari for being able to show us that!

Wishing Asawari all the best in her future endeavours!


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  1. This is great going Asawari be blessed and thanks for setting up in goals and options for generation to follow.
    The best thing is to choose your own path and not just follow blindly the people and you have chosen a great path for yourself and towards the environment.
    Shall share as much possible to my known and wish you all the best . Be blessed….

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