Visit to Sri M.Visweswaraiah Rain water harvesting theme park – Apprentice #13

We went to a place near Jayanagar called Rain Water Harvesting theme park. First when we entered the park we were little early, so we finished our morning circle, in the morning circle we played a small game by clapping our hands…..

Then we entered the rain water harvesting museum, we went to a place that had information about washing machine, toilet water flush, normal tap, aerator tap and flow resistor tap, we learnt about all this, and now I am going to explain in detail about this.

At the RWH Museum

Water used in Washing machine

The amount of water used for the top load washing machine to wash the clothes requires 140 liters of water, whereas for the front load washing machine the water required is around 60 liters.

Toilet water flush

The amount of water used for flushing your toilet from the single button flush is up to 10 liters of water, when you use the double button you save 8 liters of water so the double flush uses only 2 liters of water to flush.

Different types of taps

Normal taps:

When you are using a normal tap to wash your vessels you should be mindful of keeping the tap open for a long time because you almost use 15 liters of water in one min, when the tap is open while washing your vessels.

Aerator taps:

The water used for washing your vessels, under a running tap is 9liters for one minute.

Flow resistor tap:

The water used from this tap is only 6 liters of water in one minute.

Different taps and water-flow in liters/min

Short film on water scarcity was screened at the RWH Museum

The story was about a boy named Varun, who was asleep and his mother woke him up in the morning, when he got up, he said to his mother, Mother I have to wash my collar of the shirt or else my teacher won’t allow me in the school, the mother said Varun we don’t have enough water to wash your cloths. So Varun goes to school and there a group of students tease him because his collar was looking dirty, the teacher comes to the class and asks why are you teasing Varun, the students tell that he has not washed his collar the teacher gets angry and tells him to remove his shirt but, he tells sorry teacher I don’t have water at home to wash my collar, the teacher does not believe and tells him to remove his shirt and asks him to stand out, he listens to the teacher and steps out of the class.

The teacher starts the lesson about collecting rain water and filtering it, Varun keeps listening from outside, the teacher explains how to filter rain water, first keep a can and put a bag of charcoal into the can and then big stones, small stones, sand ,fine sand and fit a bamboo on the roof in a way that the water falls into the can and suddenly Varun gets an idea and starts running towards his home and collects all his money and goes to buy a bamboo and he cuts the bamboo into half and takes it home and he uses his teachers information and builds the rain water filter and his mother was so happy to see him come up with this idea and his teacher gets to know about Varun doing all this and she feels sorry for Varun for punishing him and she felt very happy for him.

Bhuvan (12 years)

Apprentice @ Skills Beyond Education

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