Learning the Ropes – Surveying field work – Apprentice #17

This time our outdoor learning was quite different. We were working on field related to the project and the surveys. At first most of us were not able to understand what working on the field meant until we tried it on our own!

Working on field was quite exciting at first because none of us knew what to expect from the people from whom we were going to take surveys! At first for me it was extremely difficult to just go and talk to people about our project and ask them if they would take the survey. But gradually it became easier. Sometimes you would not know what to expect from the person and we also needed to be very comfortable if the person was not willing to take the survey. But a few people also readily agreed to take the survey and congratulated us on our work!

While working on field we got to interact with many people and slowly learnt to accept and see the reality of the positives and the negatives. For me this on-field experience taught me a lot of new things and also helped me get comfortable with the uncomfortable situations. This experience indeed was a very different and unique experience! 


Apprentice @ Skills Beyond Education

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