The Lion King Celebration – Apprentice #18

Lion King at Orion Mall

I met Capt. Preetham and my two teammates Avyay and Sneha at Yellachanahalli Metro Station.  We stopped at Sandal Soap Factory station and met the rest of the team. We walked a small distance to Orion Mall and watched “The Lion King”, the live- action version of the Disney movie. This was a celebration for reaching 300+ people in our survey. We didn’t have any popcorn, as the prices were way out of our budget.

I was the account- keeper for the week and I noted down the amount of money we spent today. After the movie, we sat outside the mall near the mall garden and had our snacks. Natasha ma’am shared some snacks to the people who didn’t get snacks. Capt. Preetham got us snacks on the way back to the Sandal Soap Factory station and we reached Lalbagh station by metro. Enroute to Lalbagh, we had lunch  in “Hari’s Super Sandwich”,  a sandwich restaurant.

Surveys outside lalbag

After lunch, we were walking back towards Lalbagh, and it started raining and we took shelter under a bus stop and continued walking to Lalbagh once the rains stopped. Capt. Preetham told us we weren’t going in due to shortage of time and that we are going to survey people here on the outside. I got 5 people to take our survey and as I had the most, Sir told that I will be in charge of what we will do on a the normal class day at Abheek, including games.

We closed our day with the closing circle anthem (as I like to call it), and went back to Yellachanahalli station by metro, from there, my mother picked me up and I went home.

Nathan (13 years)

Apprentice @ Skills Beyond Education

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