Time to CARE, Before Streams are BARE – Apprentice #20

Sompura Lake

Have we ever found out about the lakes near our own homes, what state they are in? Useable, dirty or polluted with sewage that comes from our homes or others homes! Have we ever wondered the number of lakes Bangalore was a home to?

Bangalore had nearly 2000 lakes, yes 2000 lakes! Now the thought come to me, where have all these lakes disappeared? Most of the lakes have been used as the foundation for many structures in our city. For example, few houses or apartments have being built on the lake beds, our very own Majestic Bus Stand has been built on a lake bed! After all these constructions we hardly have 200 lakes left in Bangalore, out of which hardly only 10% is useable, rest all unusable! 

As a part of our weekly field visits, we had been to a few lakes on the Kanakapura road stretch and found that most of the lakes had sewage being fed from the nearby areas through the storm drains. The Thalagattapura kere (lake) was filled with human defecation all around the area and one had to watch one’s step all the time. The Chikkathimmayana kere was couldn’t be recognised, completely dried up and encroached by the houses and apartments nearby. The Sompura kere (lake) and the Jogi kere (lake) were relatively best out of the 5 lakes that we visited. Although, there was not much water it was still better than the other 3 lakes that we had seen before.

With lake activists Chaitanya & Subbu

This small outdoor visit showed us how the lakes are being kept and the best lakes were also not really the best of the lakes! It is high time we save these lakes that are left with us otherwise we will all be facing severe crisis for water and life would become unimaginable without water! 

Anagha Prabhu (15y)

Apprentice @ Skills Beyond Education

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