Will Consciousness

Will Consciousness

The will-consciousness or mindfulness, which is happening through the boot-camp, is strengthened by emphasising on expressing ‘Gratitude’ for effort vis-à-vis Will


Effort = Body will / Feeling will / Thinking will or a combination

All or most individuals feel and go through procrastination moments every day if not every moment. The very act of helping someone means their inner-will has won over their body’s will or resistances, they have overcome their own procrastination and they could have also come up with excuses, reasons and some such for not stepping forward to help us but he/she didn’t and yet decided to overcome their procrastination through strength, courage, faith, love and sense of duty.

Payment or fee given for any work is to meet the needs of the person and not necessarily the only reason or motivation for them to help us beyond their call of duty, sometimes if a person doesn’t want to do it, then no money is good enough nor will it make them do it for us.

If we observe this victory over their own procrastination forces mindfully over a period of time, then like a mirror it will reflect our own inner-will desires, the challenges it faces with our body’s will and how or why its struggling with it and how to overcome them by being inspired by such acts.

This mindfulness has a domino effect in a way, inadvertently and sometime without realising, you may end up doing something for someone else and you would have won over your own procrastination.

Only by observing through the efforts of others and in our acknowledging and expressing this gratitude – i.e. this effort towards us becomes an inspiration for us to step out of our own procrastination forces and in a way truly awaken us in our will.

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