New Habit

New Habit

New Habit

– Let the new-habit be about you

– Chose a new-habit that you intend to keep for a long period of time. Minimum of 1 to 2 years.

– A new-habit you really want to bring in to your life, enjoy but unable to be consistent, something that keeps evading you and so on

– As adults, we have to accept, it is little more difficult to bring in new habits but not impossible 🙂

– Whatever the habit, do as recommended. First 7 days, only for 1 min. Focus on consistency for now, i.e. you do it for 7 days straight without missing a day. If you don’t then do it again for another 7 days x 1 min before you increase the duration.

For Example: If habit of yoga is something you struggled to bring as a habit. Then go for 1 minute yoga for 7 days.

Later once the 7 days are up and if you haven’t missed a single day then go for 5 min x 7 days and keep doubling the duration every 7 days until you reach your goal.

Habit formation

Consistency > duration > quality

As adults it is more difficult to introduce new habits and keep at it. So best way is the 1 min habit and aim for zero missing or skip days during the habit formation period – i.e. minute of 3 months!

Do your new-habit practice for atleast 3 cycles of 21 days, about 63 days to fully establish itself.

While doing it for 90 days will allow for those odd skip and hop days if any.

The will-boot-camp is to help you set up the habit process to form habits of your choice and how to do it right on your own.

New Habit – Time Frames

21 days sets up the habit process (easily disrupt able – one late night party can throw it out).

66~90 days sets up the habit for more robust but cannot handle major disruptions

3 ~ 6 years habit formed is extremely robust to disruptions.

The longer the duration, the more robust the habit.

Wishing you the discipline to follow through on your new-habit

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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