Sense of Urgency

Sense of Urgency

On a lighter note – if you were in the middle of the sea, I would probably ask, Why the hurry? Where are you going? 🙂

Sometimes we are in a hurry to complete our work and end up doing it shoddily. Speed and quality are like opposites unless we are machines.

Many times cadets or apprentices at sea when assigned work for the day, they want to complete all the jobs for the day in a hurry and the quality suffers and probably even tackle next few days job today itself so they can remain free from work and the joke used to be what’s the hurry? Where are you going? There is enough work for everyone and everyday 🙂

Work never ends as long as your life does. We usually have enough work always and even if you have finished the next one or two weeks work there more lined up again for the next day.  “C est la vie – Such is life”

Doesn’t mean we shirk from our work and our duties and habits rather enjoy the life processes and do your work for that day.  Keep your word and keep your will.

When we are in the middle of the sea, at the most you can go back to your cabin or mess room and so on. No malls or movie halls to rush to or somewhere else to go, there is only water all around anyways.

Similarly, when we take birth, we are in a hurry to do things, as if to move on to something else like if we complete all this work today (say next one or more year’s work) then we can go somewhere like saying . “I will be leaving planet earth in a few hours time” so hurriedly finished all my tasks 🙂

Not suggesting, we don’t do our work or whatever our work is for the day or nudge along with your purpose and so on, rather to be released from the burden of doing more each day, in lieu replace the approach with doing one or few tasks well.

Less is more and do it Olympic style

Today, as a society, we have anyways become more aware of the importance of slowness to life, to savour it, slow-food, slow lifestyle and we know it makes us more peaceful, do higher quality work and superior grade productiveness, enjoy your work and life as well, which then feeds and inspires to do even better the next day.

Farming & Gardening is a great way to bring this awareness, uncertainty handling to children & youngsters.

Farming makes us ‘Do your job for the day’ – whatever is possible, and when we don’t do any work – it should not be for want of will or inspiration rather, you did what you said you would do for that day, whether you took half day or full day to do it. At the end of the day, it’s ‘Job well done’!

Now, Rest, Relax and Recharge your will.

Speed takes away our inspiration and vis-à-vis chips away at our will. Speed can be a goal (as in sports) but cannot be the format for preparation for it. Format is always slow and steady, maybe we need to replace the word steady with everyday.

Live another day! Wake up on planet earth (if life permits you) and do the next job on your priorities list and do it great. Where do we have to go after all. There is only planet earth 🙂

Effort = Habit = Task = Work = Word = Will

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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