Free Yourself From Your Limiting Beliefs

Affirmation is like a boon, what you ask, you will get and only that 🙂

Affirmation is message from your inner self to your outer self. It must be clear and specific for your body’s mind to understand.

Affirmations must be worded to be in the present (now) and not a future happening or event.

Affirmation must convey a sense of finality to your words, like ‘you already are’ or ‘you are becoming now’

Focus or word your affirmations speak about putting in your best efforts or hard work rather than on the results or outcomes.

Affirmations must be spoken in a conversational loudness and be clearly expressed, preferably first thing in the morning (right before the gatekeeper).

Different schools of thought insist on different rules, but affirmation said once a day properly and consistently over a long period of time beats everything else.

Keep affirmations to a max of 3 and rotate or remove one of them every 3 months and add a new one. This is optional and you can continue with the same affirmations for even longer.

If the affirmation feels funny or like a hoax, then you struck gold and will soon see the changes happening within you rapidly. Keep these affirmations.

Write down the exact words of your affirmation in the journal once.

Use your journal to speak/read your affirmation using the exact words you’ve written everyday by looking at it (i.e. if required).

Be ‘Mindful’ of what word you add or remove and be careful of the word play and it’s effect or ineffectiveness in the long run on yourself.

There are many great affirmations online, which you can use for yourself or tweak it a little to suit your need.

Most importantly, affirmations are personal to each individual and it should mean something or be of value to you or something that you keenly seek to have in your life or makes sense to you and so on.

Affirmation is a powerful internal re-programmer and use it well, wisely and often to overcome any internal blocks and resistances.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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