Thought for Today – Understanding

2 Approaches

a) Understanding and then Doing (Modern Education/Living practices)

b) Doing then Understanding (more of a forgotten/old mentoring practice)


Thinking-Will craves for understanding before doing anything. It seeks explanation and answer before doing and is like a sugar-cube for the brain. It feels good for the thinking-will to know before hand everything! and outwardly appears calmer that the uncertainty/unknowns are now taken care.

Day-19 Meditation practice along with understand that will emerge from the doing-will (gatekeeper for 2 months) will be much more than the few points I can share and your understanding will be limited only to those points.

Compared to say 10 points which you will now understand or gathered when approaching from a doing-will perspective.

In the last leg of 7 days, we are working more on thinking-will. It is also a good idea to harness this craving and approach our work and tasks from a doing-will.

I would be happy to reflect on your understanding at the end of 2 months of gatekeeper and how your body responds to your commands now and share some of my perspective as well.

I hope you can take it up as a additional task for yourself and strengthen your doing-will led understanding.

Its really good thing when questions arise within us and not necessarily good to be provided with ready-made answers.

Seeker of the question must find it themselves (and it can be found) and the understanding must be forged through their own experience of doing led understanding and not only from thoughts and talks of others.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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