Singing bowls – Working on our feeling-will

For the “Feeling-will” and a soothing task to try for 10 min a day (each chakra sound is clearly separated by a small break and you can stop and continue later) and do this for the next 7 days of the week and i.e. one chakra sound to listen for 10 min in a day.

You are welcome to listen to the whole episode of singing bowls in one sitting if you have the time.

Recommended listening approach – lie down or sit comfortable, with ear/head phones. Keep eyes closed. Breathe normally, let thoughts come and go as they please.

Chakras which trouble us more, can evoke uneasiness when listening to particular sounds but gets better with time as it works on those elements.

For those busy and unable to do as above can listen to the short version of tuning-up all 7 chakras (11 min). You can listen to this sound atleast once a week.

Commit to do either of these tasks for the coming week, starting from today.

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