Celebrate your victories and Celebrate your day

Create a plan for your celebrations.

  • Daily Celebrations (end of day)
  • Weekend Celebrations (how to manage the saturdays and sundays)
  • Monthly Celebrations (visit someone)
  • Annual Celebrations (travel, wish list or other)
  • Special Celebrations (event days, Festival days etc.)

Let this celebration effort be something you like to do at the end of a hard days work or the weeks work. Where you have put in your best efforts and results are immaterial i.e. whether you were successful or not but you kept your word towards the efforts.

Celebrate in any way that makes you happy and joyful. It could be different things for different people, maybe it’s listening to music, dancing, play a game or a musical instrument, a conversation with someone, watch tv, reading a book, silent time or leisurely stroll.

Be aware of chemical tampered celebrations like binge-watch TV or on phone, alcohol and so on which can make it hard to get back to your routine the next day or the next week.

Any case, celebrations should not be work but let it be earned, i.e. you put in your efforts to best you can, earned it by completing your list of habits or prioritise to do for the day or week or month i.e. when you have kept your word.

You can even decide in advance how you will celebrate once you reach your milestones.

Have a clear end-time or event for any celebrations. It’s a holiday for your body and from self-discipline and yet, not losing full control.

Will in Celebrations

  • Make clear rules of time & space (place).
  • Make clear limits to your body.
  • Within those limits or boundaries the body is free to indulge and let loose or let go of self-control.

You can create a celebrations plan for different moments that commonly happen in your life and journal them.

You can always change or edit them once a month or once a year.

Celebrations is a way of thanking or indulging your body for listening and doing what was ordered by your inner desire. Yet at no time, will you be handing over complete control or reversing roles. In the end, your inner-self or your spirit is still the master of your body.

Celebrate as a gratitude towards your body for keeping it’s word on the gatekeeper for the 21 days.

Celebrate every day that your body keeps your word.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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