Journaling Task

Make this a daily habit during the camp;

Pick any one work that you did today and write about what work you did and how you felt, before doing it or after doing it.

What thoughts and feelings ran within you during the work? Struggles and thoughts of procrastination that came up, did you overcome those thoughts? Did you complete that work or take a break or do something else etc.

Only for today,

Journal – How you feel about work at different points of the day , like early morning, after breakfast, after lunch, in the evenings, late in the night and how you feel about some specific work like house-work, gym, reading, planning things, office-work, basically anything which involves an effort.

Journal about how much of digital media you consume daily – i.e. how many hours for TV, phone, messaging, web browsing, computer work, etc. What time do you first check your phone and what time do you last check your phone and any other digital media you use before hitting bed. Quantify this to the best extent or basis your assumptions and note any passing thoughts with regard to digital media and yourself.

4 things to do

  • A minimum of 1 sentence must be journaled on your will – what you felt and thought, struggles on will etc. It’s great if you can write more.
  • It must be hand-written – no digital medium
  • Must be on a new and clean page for every journaling day – don’t use loose sheets
  • Basic daily log entries of your sleep patterns – your wake up time, bedtime;

Quality of sleep: Excellent-Good-Bad-Poor

Nature of sleep: interrupted, disturbed, peaceful, energising and so on and you’re welcome to add more information to it.

Wishing you observations and reflections

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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