Measuring your WILL

Measuring Your Will – Through Your Word

A will-test that you can do over the next one month or when you have the time.

Apart from subjectively assessing your will-strength by reflections and meditations, how do you objectively assess your will-strength? How good or bad is it?

Observe or Note your ‘word’ that you give to others i.e. ‘promises’ you make

Example: I will meet you tomorrow, I will call you at 4 pm or I will send the report by tonight or I will attend the event and so on.

How many times have you kept your word or failed to keep your word to others on a particular day. Do this self-observation for a month and note down in 2 columns – ‘Kept My Word’ (or) ‘Broke My Word’.

By keeping your word often, the more credible you are to yourself vis-a-vis to others. If you break your word, then do offer a sincere and genuine apology.

If you observe that ‘your words’ are on shaky grounds then restart or focus to do the will exercises again.

Work to strengthen your will, discipline vis-à-vis build your credibility back in your personal and professional life which is really the secret sauce for success.

Use your ‘word’ with utmost care and reverence.

Each day, be more careful in what you utter, write or promise others and if you speak those words then follow through at all costs. This is how great empires, organisations and individuals are built.

‘Your Word Is Your Will’

Keep Your Word Today!

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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