Negotiations by our Body

Do you easily give in to your body’s wants, feelings, reasons and desires versus holding on to your true desires, intent and commitment?

Body will soon come up with different, interesting and very convincing excuses for skipping the gatekeeper or doing it later. Your body is an expert negotiator like no other you will meet and will soon try to convince you with reasons, explanations, emotions and so on to give up that inner desire or word you had expressed about doing the gatekeeper task.

Become aware of all the negotiations from the body’s side, have a attitude or approach of zero-tolerance for any excuses for this gatekeeper task alone.

Exceptions are always there for any real emergencies. Although, do reflect for 2-3 min to know why the body is coming up with these excuses, is it procrastination, dislike, excessive analysis or thinking, emotions, ego and so on.

If there is no clear and present danger that requires you to skip this task, then avoid skipping and continue doing it as the first task after waking up, irrespective of how you feel or think that day until the end of the 21 day camp.

Keep your word and you would have kept your will

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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