Team & Organisational Will

Team Will and Organizational Will

Team & Organisation Will

We all work alongside someone or the other in our life, whether in corporate companies, your own venture, or as an independent consultant and so on or even when getting work done from maids or helps and in all these occasions we depend on others for getting many things done.

Even if our will is strong in all the realms of body-feeling-thinking, it will only make us frustrated to watch others, our team-mates, colleagues and others who our struggling with procrastination if we cannot delegate or depend on them for any work.

An anchor cable is only as strong as its weakest link and so is your team. It becomes very important that we help them move up their will-journey, so they can put in their best performance and up your team or organisation’s performance.

One lazy-person who has no-consequences to bear for their procrastination or laziness will break your team or organisation. Soon you will find rest of the team, also getting distracted and following his/her foot-steps (since there are no consequences) and your organisational work comes to a standstill.

Probably the best way to destroy your competitor is to send them one lazy person to their team and tell them they can’t fire him/her.

Laziness in doing – Laziness in expressing – Laziness in thinking

Courage, inspiration, gratitude and bravery dispels laziness like a light brought to a dark room.

Inertia or Laziness can come camouflaged in good excuses, not that one off occasion but a regularly occurring event in that person’s life – like didn’t get time to do, was caught up in family issues, too tired today – had a party last night, a little distracted today, don’t feel like working, loitering around, time-passing and coming up with other interesting excuses and so on. Although, their thinking-will seems engaged but not for the main work rather for their pleasure oriented moments.

A person, who procrastinates and has recognised that they have this challenge and wants to overcome, can be helped by giving them support and guidance and they usually tend to overcome and become an asset. While one who procrastinates and doesn’t recognise it in themselves or doesn’t want to do anything about it is dangerous to have around as they can make others around to become like them. Unless they are around exceptionally strong willed and inspiring people than that spell is broken.

Although, they can change as well, in a true sense no one is a lost cause – only thing is you will need to put in that extra effort to inspire them and sometimes they change and sometimes not and you have to make the difficult decision to remove them from your team.

Individually each of us needs to keep working on our will at all times and as team too we must make sure our will holds together as a group and that everyone does the basic needed or their own work to be part of the group and there must be consequences for the individual and the team if they are trying to get away with procrastination.

If a person has a strong-will, usually they will pick up talents, knowledge, skills with ease in any field and they are usually great assets in your team. If a person has a weak-will and even if they can show big-credentials, it means nothing without a good-will, then it’s as good as not having them around or employing them.

In any hard trek of personal or professional projects, similar to this will-journey, everyone contributes and no one has special privileges and does the minimum work required and the objective of the group is that everyone reaches a better place than where they started off or in our case this will-transformation journey.

Team will is akin to our individual inner-will – only larger. Similarly ‘WILL’ works at an organisational level, community level and even national or international level and in each of these cases the start point is the individual.

Bureaucrats, policy makers, govt. employees, change makers, educators, counsellors, also need to constantly strengthen their own will first and also strengthen those of others around them if they intend to help this nation or humanity building process and if we are to come up with many truly successful organisations, leaders, entrepreneur, businesses, industries, start-up’s and so on.

Will is ever present in all that we do and don’t do. Conscious and unconscious will and we must constantly work to strengthen will till our last breath.

For organisations, maintaining team-will is as important as sustaining individual-will. It helps to support, inspire and guide another member of your team in their will-transformation journey.

No matter how strong your individual will, without the strengthening the team-will, you will not get very far in your larger goals.

You could have done all these exercise at home, alone by yourselves if we had shared the podcasts, the intent of doing as a team is that we can get inspired from each other’s struggles and victories over their will challenges.

Wishing you courage and inspiration to find victory over your will challenges

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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