Will Boot Camp – Changes

Reflect on your changes

The intent of the will-boot-camp was to bring in the below changes and mindfulness, sometimes subtly and sometimes overtly

Do reflect on the changes that you are experiencing and if the time spent in this boot camp has helped you to move to a better self or a step ahead in your life compared from your day 1.

The degree of changes will vary for different participants

  • Becoming mindful of your body, it’s actions, the blocks and resistances, likes and dislikes, the excuses and so on.
  • Overcoming personal work or professional work which has been dormant or piled up for a long while.
  • Inertia or procrastination levels reduced comparing with the start day of the camp.
  • Moving away from a negative or depressing sense of the world towards a positive self or framing or outlook by being engaged in the camp tasks during the last one month.
  • Peace of mind, clarity, calmness in your daily routine.
  • Ability to overcome digital demon of sorts and keep it under check.
  • Bringing in a New Habit into your life and being confident to sustain it.
  • Better daily rhythm and sleep routine
  • Courage to express, to take initiatives and take charge of your daily life and routine.
  • Joy, satisfaction, happiness and sense of achievement that comes from completing your work.
  • A spiritual sense of will, our body, our efforts.
  • Any other from your personal experience and changes.

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