Will Boot Camp – Reflections

Camp Reflections

21-day Will-Boot-Camp is to give you a peek into your will-consciousness and your potential while understanding core and sustained inner changes takes time and practice.

This camp’s intent was to make you experience your higher potential, your best self to an extent i.e. if you maintain a strong will. Right tasks along with longer durations of practice to strengthen the will to your highest potential and make you deliver the best to the world.

Our hope was to inspire you through our podcasts and thoughts for the day while we kept motivation and nudges for doing your tasks to a minimum as a conscious effort to detach your thoughts, feelings, ego from our comments, appreciation or feedback except where and when required for your posts or tasks done and so on.

Snowball Effect of Will

In coming days, if you continue these practices, will has a way of gathering strength and momentum and snowballing into larger will-force within you which if continued then turns into a large ball as it rolls downhill.

Each time making it easier to break your procrastination and strengthening your intuition and inner strength. Procrastination forces also work along same lines, the question is which ball you want to set rolling from here.

The journey in your will-strengthening process and will-awareness may have only began for some of you at this camp and now you can use this strong-will to build layers on your current skills, knowledge, talents, gifts and grace that has been given to you or you have picked up along the life’s journey to deliver your game and life to Olympic standards.

Remember the key words;

“Slow & Steady”- “Persistence & Patience” – “Your Word is your Will”

Wishing you strength, courage and faith

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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