Will Consciousness Programs

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Will Consciousness Programs

Our goal is to have one will-camp a month running on voluntary contributions or as a free camp through the year.

We also conduct below camps for adults, children and customised camps for specific groups (all the below programs are online/ via whatsapp).

Will Boot Camp – Basic (21 days) – if you like to have this camp for a closed group or your team.

Will Boot Camp – Pro (customised camps ranging from 30 days to 24 weeks)

Apprentice Boot Camp – 12 ~ 24 weeks (Ages 8 to 18 years).

Practice Groups – for those requiring a platform to boost themselves or achieve their personal and professional goals (must have completed atleast one boot camp).

Counseling/Mentoring – for one to one sessions or working on any generic or specific will challenges.

Please do reach out to us, if interested to know more.

With gratitude and paying tribute to all the masters and mentors who have an abundance of will and have inspired us to forge this will boot camp.

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