Will Exercises – A Plan

Sample Plan – Will-Exercises

The boot-camp tasks and the format were to introduce the will-process and what is possible for you to do if you strengthened your will and how it would improve the quality of your life and work.

A plan going ahead and beyond the boot-camp

• Gatekeeper (Physical Task – Daily)

• Olympic (Personal or Professional Task)

• Journaling or Meditation (rotate monthly or 3 monthly)

• Gratitude & Bravery

• Sleep and Digital Detox

• Eat the Frog

• Spoon/Pencil/Tangle (Weekly or monthly rotation basis)

• Learning something New

• Thought to Action

• Listening & Inspiration (once a week)

• Affirmation (Daily)

• Prioritize

• New Habit

• Silent Time

• Balance & Harmony (once a month)

Most of the tasks can be easily incorporated into your daily life both on the personal and professional front. Only for the odd-balls like Spoon, Pencil, Tangles you would need to slot out separate 10 min (in total) from your daily schedule.

You can do one genuine-listening and one-inspiring moment every week – maybe keep them for the weekend if time is an issue.

Otherwise, every other task can easily be part of your daily will-strengthening practices and can be incorporated into your personal and professional life.

At the end of 3 months, review your life and see how things have changed in your personal and professional fronts and let those changes convince you that you need to sustain these tasks for as long as possible.

Wishing you Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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