Sleep Time

Make your sleep No 1 priority. It’s is one of the most important will-rechargers. It will recharge your body-feeling-thinking will

Sleep time: Set up your sleep time – whatever that is for you – based on your lifestyle and work life. Make sure that you’re in bed by then.

Set up digital curfew: start for X minutes or hours before your bed time and honour that; don’t cross over even by a minute. Even if you aren’t able to fall asleep by your decided (commanded) bedtime, don’t use it as an excuse to stretch your digital time.

2 hours digital detox is good those who have difficulty in sleeping on time and is generally a healthy practice.

Minimum recommended time for your media world to end is at least 15 minutes before you sleep.

Don’t go for the minimum duration unless you really struggle with letting go of your phone.

For Children

You must decide as a parent, your children’s sleep time and this must not be delegated off to them.

Whatever time that you decide (a good practice has always been to sleep with the sun setting and waking up with the sun). Although, in today’s times, this may be difficult to implement in the full spirit, yet you must still strive to get close to this natural rhythm of our planet and our bodies which has been a practice across generations until recently.

Decide the sleep time for your children and yourself and stick to it for the duration of the camp atleast except for one day a week – but still should not be a drastic variation, maybe an hour later.

Decide the sleep time, as early as possible for them to sleep. Then can always wake up early if they feel they don’t require that much sleep.

Ex: It’s better to sleep at 9 pm and wake up at 4 am (7 hrs sleep) rather than sleep at 1am and wake up at 8 am (7 hrs sleep) its not just about the duration but to align the body-clock (circadian rhythm) to natural forces and be our best selves the next day.

Make sleep your No. 1 priority for you and your children to strengthening the will.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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