Foundational & Advanced Will Tasks

Going Ahead

*There may be days when someone in the group may not be able to do that particular day’s task.

Ex: on Day-10 unable to do that days tasks due to personal circumstances or one’s will is acting up.

Then do any earlier days task like Day 6 or Day 2 and post those details only.

Day 1 to Day 7 are foundational will-tasks.

If unable to do other tasks then focus on foundational tasks and you would have strengthened your will to a great level to meet your daily or routine life needs.

Day 8 to Day 20 are advanced will tasks.

These tasks are all about fine tuning your will strength and to perform your game to your highest level – i.e. taking your skills, knowledge and talents to Olympic performance.

Do note, that without first working on Day 1 to 7, these new tasks will not be able to bring in any real, obvious or sustainable changes within you. Focus first on foundation.

  • Anycase min effort is Day 1 (Gatekeeper) must be done on all days. Campers who haven’t been doing the tasks regularly or posting about it especially the gatekeeper would benefit to re-join the next batch and give it another go and continue fresh and it will become easier for you next time around.
  • Don’t over burden your body or make it bend to your inner-will too much and too fast. There is a probability that your body could rise up in a revolt and take over your will and throw out all these inner changes and revert you back to your old self rapidly. Bring in the changes slowly and steadily.

*Will work’s inner changes is slow but steady climb like any ascending any mountain.

Remember the hare and the tortoise – ancient Delphic wisdom – Slow & Steady

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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