Bravery & Gratitude

Bravery & Gratitude – are two sides of the same coin.

Bravery – we express through our acts of courage

Gratitude – we recognise, and acknowledge others acts of courage

  • Bravery – to others (people)
  • Bravery – to oneself (overcoming fear, confessing, so on)
  • Bravery – to animals, trees, environment


  • Gratitude – to others (their efforts/help)
  • Gratitude – to oneself, one’s body and so on
  • Gratitude – to objects, environment

In the will-boot-camp, we are focusing on the first type of bravery and gratitude. All others forms are valid but consciously recognising the first types and only then move to the 2nd and then 3rd types.

Your act of bravery must be posted along with the task done message. By this act, you are stepping out of your comfort zone (effort = will) and tuning your inner antennae to know when to step in to help someone else.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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