Detox and Empower your Will

Detox and Empower your Will

Detox your body – Eat healthy – Say NO to any unhealthy food. Good refreshments and nutritious food are important for maintaining a good will-force.

When your body feels good, it will work according to the commands of your inner-mind without throwing tantrums.

Eat adequately, not 100% full stomach, i.e. a little less than full. Usually your inner-mind will signal that’s enough. Tune your antenna to listen to that voice.

Detox your feeling – Purge your feelings of negativity – by journaling them, sharing with someone or saying out loud to yourself that you’re letting go of a particular feeling or forgiving someone and so on.

Say no to any person who drains you of your energy. Unless it’s your best friend or a family member, keep ‘energy vampires’ at bay if possible or at least until you recoup your will. Reflect on your energy vampires today. Have the courage to let go of such energy vampires from your life (where possible).

Detox your thought – Use affirmations to undo the internal programming and any negative narrative you have sold yourself.

Like: “I can’t do this” or “I’m always like this.” Re-frame your thoughts by saying NO to negative thoughts and replacing it with a positive one.

Detox Digital media – As this one affects all 3 realms of Will – Body-Feeling-Thought

In the movies of old, you could knock out the villain with one good hard punch. It’s the same for will when tackling bad habits like chewing your nail or not making your bed after you wake up, etc.

Digital media is like a villain from the Avengers movies; the villain gets more complicated and difficult to beat. Digital media messes around with your brain chemicals, sometimes even overriding will-processes, making it harder for our hero Mr. Will or Ms. Will to take it down.

Digital media is a beast like no other in the world of will. I cannot overstate the importance of digital detox enough.

Reflect on your use of digital media today: how much is enough, how much media do you really need, etc. Reflect how you feel today with digital media, and if possible on one of the days or any weekend, detox 100% from digital media and see how you feel the next day. Detox your digital persona, by clearing and cleaning out your contacts, exiting frivolous digital groups and deleting digital files that you’ve hoarding and so on.

Come up with your own plan to curtail it. It’s okay if you fail. The inner-mind needs to know that you have the ability to take charge and that you’re planning a coup. Scare that beast a little.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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