Food – A perspective from WILL

Food for Will – Will Boot Camp

Will-forces are like your cell phone battery; no matter what they can do for you, they still need recharging.

Body-will – a good quality rest and refreshments.

Feeling-will – a good conversation or journaling.

Thinking-will – a good prayer or expressing gratitude.

Do reflect on the will recharging elements currently in your life and if you can improve it even by a little in any way.

Here below, sharing some thoughts of food for body and how our will affects and gets affected by food.

When thoughts interferes with the inner-signal we under-eat and when feelings interfere, we over-eat.

Lets say, you had an extra helping of food and got the inner-signal to stop but your hands reached for it, you ignored this signal or voice and went ahead and ate the extra bit. Soon after, you felt stuffed and realized you shouldn’t have taken this extra helping. Only by strengthening this inner signal, being able to listen well to your own self and becoming mindful will you be able to overcome this challenge on many days. Yes you may still have fall on some days but they will be few and lesser such moments.


  • Its also a good idea to physical visit a vegetable & fruit vendor at times. Many times as you browse through the cart/stand, your body sends signals what it wants to eat and you can pick up those veggies (in addition to whatever you planned)

Similarly if other family members also accompany or visit the vendor sometimes then there body signals will tell them something that is needed to meet certain deficiency or needs in them.

If we observe, animals are more in tune to this inner antenna and food, like cattle knows if you leave them freely, which of the different grasses to eat, even if all are available to them as each cattle knows what it needed.

The will-tasks that one is doing in the camp will help in due time to detach the feelings and thought from the inner-mind signal. Most of us feel guilty about wasting food at home or food on our plates. We may then end up over-eating or eating food that upsets your stomach.

Remove those guilt-guided orders which seem to over-ride your inner-mind thought of not wanting to eat anymore or not wanting to eat that particular food. Instead, approach from how to take less food on the plate or how to cook less so that food isn’t wasted or order lesser food in a restaurant or as takeaways.

Let your inner – mind signal (intuition – an outcome of strengthening-will) guide you to make those decisions on food.

The external pressure can override your own intuition at times and is not a easy one to tackle. As sometimes such pressure can come from a close family member or a friend.

By strengthening courage (feeling-will) to express and your conviction (will happen over time) that these thoughts are actually helping you and not harming you and will make it easier to Say-No .

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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