Outer Will & Inner Will

The Two Selves

Outer-Will represents the body’s or external mind and the Inner-Will represents the inner or true desire and thoughts.

You sometimes, may tell yourself that you will do something, but then get swept away by excuses, reasons and logic to not do it or find ways to avoid doing it.

We must reflect and ask ourselves some hard questions: are our reasons genuine and valid for us to skip this work which we committed to; Is it okay to break the commitment we made to ourselves and sometimes to others – Is it only an excuse to procrastinate and pander to the body’s mind i.e. Our Outer-Will (the more expressive or projective of the two-will’s.

Even though most of the terms, language and concepts used in this boot camp may sound unfamiliar and haven’t been applied before, allow yourself time to fully get immersed with it.

This is the world of procrastination where, on many occasions, we spend time only ideating and not doing anything real; or dwell in purely lethargic environments by living only in our heads and sometimes only in our hearts. We keep pushing things for the future or make excuses for ourselves on why we must not do it now and why doing it later is better.

We cut deals with our body in a way; negotiate, coax or literally plead with the body at times: “Please, can you do this”; Rarely do we command it or order and expect it to be done. This is one of biggest challenges of our generation and our society today.

Let’s say that you’re not an early riser. You tell yourself that you want to wake up at 5 a.m. The first thing you will feel is resistance. Repulsion and all other creative excuses that you can think of will come up that makes perfect sense to you.

The body doesn’t want to work or listen to its master – your inner mind – and is replying back that it doesn’t want to do it, giving you all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t be waking up at 5 am. Stop and watch yourself here for a moment, your body is not willing or doesn’t want to listen to you.

Who is really in charge here? And who commands who?”

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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