Prioritise – How to go about your day


Initially, prioritise on a day-to-day basis and don’t worry about any long-term plans and goals to achieve. First, get into the practice of keeping your word for A-DAY by following and completing your list of work to-do’s.

Create a list of Top 3 Tasks and Top 3 Habit that you would like to do that particular day, as circumstances and conditions change every day and this will allow you the space and time to absorb the uncertainities.

Once this routine or practice is well established, you can then move on to a long term planning and align your daily goals with it.

Silent time task from the boot-camp, can sometimes cause anxiety about the pending tasks, work and so on. Re-prioritise your tasks for the day.

Will is about saying what you will do that day and then going ahead and doing it.

If your having difficulty in doing all the tasks and habits that you have prioritised for the day then re-prioritise to do only one habit and one task each day and do that without fail.

Let go of other work and tasks from your word (this advice is for those not being able to complete your 3 task + 3 habit on a regular basis).

If you do the other tasks and habits then it’s a bonus. Once you approach this way and find that your consistently able to keep the word to yourself, then increase by one more i.e. task + habit and if unable to do, then fall back to a place where you can keep your word to yourself.

Reflect on your sense of urgency or tendency or reasons to take up a lot of work each day.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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