Procrastination in your work life

Procrastination in your work-life

Procrastination in your work-life

There are many of us who struggle to come out of the dark pit of procrastination. Often, we may have gotten so comfortable with it that we don’t even want to come out of it.

Reflect about procrastination in your work life today.

Think about why you refuse to do some work. Have your feelings or judgement about the task gotten in the way? Does your ego come in the way of your work? (“Why should I do this work? Just because so-and-so person has told me to do it?”) Would you have done that same work if your ego or feelings had not come in the way?

Think about whether it is the work you are avoiding or the person who asked you to do the work. Are you really saying ‘no’ to the task at hand or are you saying ‘no’ to the person?

Practice detaching:

  • Your thoughts, judgements and opinions
  • Your feelings about someone or some work
  • Your ego – like “let them approach me” or “I don’t want to listen to him/her.”

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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