Thought to Action – Liquid Luck

Thought to Action (T2A)

T2A is the first thought that rises from within, literally from your gut. It is not the carefully thought out, analyzed, assessed or emotionally charged thoughts that get tampered by the body’s mind.

The thoughts triggered in T2A can be about grand and ambitious plans but many times or more often, it is about the simple inner desires and needs that arises from within your inner mind.

You can listen to the podcast again or observe the T2A postings of your fellow campers to get an idea of the various tasks that appear during this particular exercise. That’s the advantage of doing it in a group – we draw inspiration from each other’s sharings, struggles and how they overcame them. 🙂

The inner mind thought is the first clear yet subtle thought that arises and proceeds to fade away if you don’t give it much attention. We all get such thoughts throughout the day. This task strengthens the signal reception and sharpens our internal antennae.

Listen carefully to your T2A as you carry on with your day. If you’re still struggling, then listen to it during the silent time (30 minutes). However, act on it only after your silent time. 🙂

I like a particular part in the Harry Potter story which beautifully expresses this concept: Harry takes a magical potion Felix Felicis, also called “Liquid Luck”, that makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful. So Harry keeps carrying out all his T2As, contrary to the advices he receives or their agreed plan. At first, it seems to work against his short-term goals, but he ends up successfully accomplishing his goal in the grander scheme of things.

T2A is your liquid luck. 🙂

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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