Will Blocks & Resistances

Mental and External Blocks and Resistances

Reflect on your blocks and resistances towards your tasks, chores and any other struggles that happens in your day.

Ask yourself if these are external or internal blocks. Notice the duality of mind, inner desires, your reasoning, your excuses and so on. Observe the separation of the inner mind and the outer mind.

Reflect on how you chose the Olympic task as it can give you an insight into how you approach other tasks in life.

Eg: Taking on tasks that are too heavy in commitment, tackling the toughest or easiest tasks and so on. The Olympic task (your inner will) isn’t concerned whether you chose the easy or difficult task, liked or disliked task.

The Olympic task must be a task with which anyone from anywhere in the world can compete with you for the challenge.

Avoid tasks like painting, singing, writing an article – because these are very subjective. Pick a task which can be objectively assessed – like washing dishes, gift wrapping a birthday present, cleaning your bike/car, folding your clothes or any other such tasks.

  • Don’t make your Gatekeeper task as the Olympic task. The Gatekeeper is a simple, honest person who sincerely does the job without needing a PhD or a Black belt or be an Olympic athlete 🙂

The Olympic style may later spill over into your other work – personal or professional. That would be good then, but don’t tackle it head on for now. We’re still in the early days, so for now we’ll approach consciously only for the boot camp task.

You can even pick the easiest or simplest one and give it the Olympic standard – I mean, truly deliver world class work!

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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