Miracle Words for Parents

Miracle Words

‘Affirmations for others’ – you can use affirmations for others as well and it can change your perception of how you view them and vis-à-vis change the other persons behaviour. It’s the next best to your near & dear ones doing it themselves or if unwilling or unable to do it.

We have called it miracle words (one does for others) to keep it a little distinct & separate from affirmation (which one does for oneself). Miracle words is something, parents can do for their children.

Sharing the podcast link which talks about changing the will-forces in children and you can reach out to us if something is not clear.

Miracle Words For Parents

Affirmations are like inner reprogramming or things we can control (i.e. ourselves) and change things from within so we can overcome our limiting beliefs. It’s more focused on qualities or character changes within to lead us to victory.

Prayer is more about external or energy reprogramming of things beyond our control, external environment including other people, where we want energies to work favorably or positively for us. The process and way to do is nearly same as affirmation task. i.e. how we chose the words, express or ask for it.

For prayers, you can add a gratitude or a thank you for granting your wishes to such statements, since its a prayer for external factors to change or for someone else.

Affirmations works on inner changes for overcoming their external hurdles. i.e. what capabilities and capacities do you need like a weapon, instruments, tools and devices within to help you overcome a certain hurdle or a limiting belief that you carry, rather than wishing for something external to happen or change, which will be more of a prayer approach or an external energy reprogramming.

Wishing you the practice of miracle words to help you in your parenting journey

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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