Setting & Executing Goals

Setting Goals & Executing Them

Write your Goals down

Certain assumptions have been made. The advise is generic with certain assumptions and may vary for each individual based on their own desires, challenges and personal hurdles.

  • Journal or share your thoughts with someone to get clarity on your goals or to bounce off and to look for pitfalls and self-blocks.
  • Create a bank of goals you like to achieve, in general and specifically for the next one year.
  • Make or chose only one personal and one professional goal for the year. Example: Start an exercise and sustain (personal goal) and write a book i.e. 1st draft or send to publisher (professional goal).
  • Set a clear start date/now to pursue your goal and end date to review or reflect on your word.
  • Chunk it down to smaller goals to reach the annual one. Like 3 monthly or monthly.
  • Review your progress, course correct accordingly.
  • Create a reset button or restart task if things fall out or there is any major disruption to your lifestyle (similar to habit task).
  • Have an affirmation to support your goal seeking.
  • Have a support group or a mentor to see you through to your goals.
  • Have a celebration plan when you reach your goal and celebrate when you reach it.

Capt. Preetham Madhukar

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