Practices Group

One of the guild goals is to become a platform to help people continue to work on their will and support each other.

In line with these principles, some suggestions from us as we evolve better ways to make this happen.

At Skills Beyond Education team or the mentors group, we have a practice of sharing our done messages on whatever each person is working on themselves, including affirmations, meditations, singing, silent time, professional writing or whatever each person wants to work on or add as part of daily work and interactions.

Along same lines, I’m suggesting to the guild-group, since there is some common bond of the will-camp to start posting their done messages here to further strengthen what was stirred in the will-camp.

It’s optional to participate although in our view a great opportunity would be missed to work on different areas of your life.

You may share or may not share the details of what the task is about or you can simply post the title of the task as such and such done on the group.

Having a group which is supportive and understands the challenges that our will-throws up from time to time can be really helpful and also posting on a platform like this will hold us accountable where we must post done or not done message. Nobody will be there to point you out or pull you up. It’s your own moral compass that will drive this change.

If such messages gets the guild crowded then at a later point we can consider migrating it to separate group.

If somebody want to start, then thrown in your hat and get started, you wouldn’t be getting any acknowledgment or anything, share the information as per below guidelines and you just start posting everyday.

How to do it or go about

  1. Tell us what all you plan to do. Ex: Affirmation, meditation, playing the guitar, yoga and so on. You can make the list limited to one activity or more at your discretion and you can even add tasks slowly on weekly basis or even daily.
  2. Tell us how you plan to do it- like will you be doing this only on the weekdays or does it include weekends too or Sunday is an off-day and so on. Make your own rules and stick with it. This process may not work effectively, if it’s separated by few days. Like you will do it only on Mondays and Thursday’s, then this will not work well during the habit formation time.
  3. You can start ASAP but tell us when it will end. You must have an end date. Like 30 days from now or until 31st Dec 2021 or your birthday or whatever date. End date must. Keep a small target but keep your word then extend later. Even a fortnight can be long sometimes.
  4. Once you reach the end date, you can either restart the next phase immediately or take a break and start again with another end date or some new tasks etc.
  5. No one here is obligated to give you a 👍🏽 or acknowledge your done or not done messages. If someone does it, then it’s at their own discretion and choice. Members can help others by bringing their attention to the way it should be done in case someone didn’t realise or forgot to do it in the recommended way.
  6. You can ask queries or share any challenges and victories related to these tasks as information or to seek advise from the guild. Please state clearly that your are seeking advise/others views.

Additional rule for Boot campers who like to join the practice group

No Observers, everyone participates.

Although you can take breaks for a week or even longer like a month and be part of the group by declaring that you will not be posting for next one week or few days and so on, unwell, busy with some exam, work, wedding etc.

On that date, you start your practices again. Your welcome to exit the group if your done for a while and rejoin later and you can exit if it doesn’t work you as well.

This group is currently open only for guild members.

This not a over-active group with messages, interactions and so on and really an example of simple and boring group which keeps you on your toes quietly by making you accountable for your words with an occasional query and comments 🙂

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