Will Forces Guild

The Will Forces Guild is a support network of people who were consistent with their postings on the Will Boot Camps vis-à-vis recognise and appreciate effort, grit, discipline and hard work and about honouring or keeping our word to ourselves and others. Today, this has become a rare feature or characteristic to find amongst people in our society and all the more reason to band together as this guild.

Guild work is unlike the Will-Boot-Camp and may not contain any form of daily active engagement by the organisers with the members.

What you must do to join

  1. Read the Guild-Charter
  2. Read the posting guidelines
  3. Take the Guild-Pledge
  4. Introduce yourself (one-time)
  5. Take part in the group engagement/conversation, initiate a sub-group work, or a discussion and so on.

If you have any doubts, then please reach out to us.


• To build a community or guild of people awakened in will-consciousness and working on will-strengthening in themselves and in others.

• To network with people who share similar ideals, goals, purpose and understand the importance and significance of keeping their word (will) and who can help you further your personal and professional goals.

• To act as support group or sub-groups for daily will-practices by doing the will-boot-camp tasks or identifying new tasks which help build a particular will-strength and incorporating them as a daily ritual along with other interested guild members.

Example – Artists can create a sub-group to post their daily-art as a new habit, similarly for poetry or virtues or yoga/exercise habit or writing an article a day and so on and bouncing off the challenges encountered on these sub-groups on the guild.

• To act as a support group to bounce off your thoughts, challenges, ideas in any area of self-development and self-growth as every effort is an element of will.

• To evolve as a community – for sharing knowledge, best-practices, good and relevant content on will-strengthening in body-feeling-thinking-will through some article you came across, pictures, quotes, video, books to read and so on in any area of self-development and inner-strength building.

• Will is something we must continuously work on till the end of life – support will be needed from one another on disruption days like falling ill, accidents, a family wedding, other personal and professional commitments coming in the way, where getting back to our will-processes, personal discipline and rhythm can be quite a challenge and may rapidly take us back to our old ways. At these times, having a group or sub-group working on will-practices helps.

• You may already be working in the area of self-development as a coach, trainer, mentor, teacher, therapist and so on and you can take away some practices, knowledge for your own work and also share or bounce off your thoughts, ideas, best practices, knowledge from a perspective of will-work and inner-strength to others.

• Alternatively, you could be helping someone in your family or friends, colleagues and so on to strengthen their will forces and from time-to-time, you may come across some challenges which you may want to bounce of the guild.

• You can help further our work on inner-strength development by bringing it to your nearby govt. schools, colleges and neighbourhood children, youngsters or even adults through a format provided by us and modified or tweaked to suit your style and persona.

• To become more aware of your will-consciousness and improve your understanding in this realm as a student of will and vis-à-vis improve your role as a teacher, mentor or parent.

• The guild can only be effective or useful to each other and fulfil its purpose through active, engaging and proactive participation of the guild members, who can take up this community building work and sustain it as their own. Our role here as organisers is to initiate this process, to strengthen the charter and keep the group adhered to some common rules of engagement, support the guild with our own thoughts and perspective on some matters. However, we may not always lead or participate in all discussions and conversations on the group.

• In the end, everything is your ‘inner-free-will’, to join, to leave, to stay, to participate, to initiate conversation, to share, to discuss and to take up a role to steer the guild and so on.

• To help the wider community of humanity to strengthen their will as it would be pointless if only we are stronger in our will and rest of the society is struggling with it – because in the end we are going to be living amongst them and we need to pull out as many people from this pit of inertia, mediocrity and unbalanced will-forces.

• The guild’s charter is an evolving process so that we keep up with best practices, new understanding and perspective as we continuously evolve and grow.

• To develop and strengthen our faculties of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition by working on our strength, courage and faith.


Hi Guild Members,

All the members on this guild are those who have successfully completed the will-boot-camp and have an understanding of the concept of will and the discipline required within themselves to strengthen their own will.

The one of objectives of this guild is to share information and views related to general will-strengthening, practices and deeper understanding to strengthen our will.

Guidelines for the guild. Do’s and Don’ts.

  1. Please do not send any forwards except relevant to the purpose of the guild or what you may perceive to be helpful to the larger guild goal i.e. Strengthening the will in any of the 3 realms.
  2. Your welcome to share details of your own workshops (once per event) and can only forward non-guild members workshops provided you have personally attended it and can vouch for the quality or caliber of the program.
  3. Use the “Reply” feature while responding to any existing post/query.
  4. When you initiate a discussion and then don’t leave it silent without moderating it or closing the discussion thread.
  5. Avoid small sentence – multiple posts. It is preferable you combine your thoughts to one larger post when possible rather than a bunch of small separate posts.
  6. As common practice on groups today, refrain from sending morning or evening greetings on the group.
  7. Keep personal messages, interactions and conversations outside this guild forum.
  8. As a courtesy of interaction between members of the guild, please state your name when posting messages (unless it shows up in your WhatsApp handle).

Please note that the admins reserves the right to warn / remove any member at their discretion for any non-compliance with the do’s & don’ts, guild purpose or for dishonouring the pledge.

Pledge – Will Forces Guild

Please do voice this pledge to yourself and do acknowledge this message on the group.

• I honour to treat the guild members with respect and keep in confidence the sharing of their challenges, clients or personal information.

• I honour to keep my word to others on the guild about what I say I would do and if I can’t then offer a sincere apology.

• I honour to keep the spirit of the guild and help towards the larger goal of strengthening the will of our society and humanity.

Team @ Skills Beyond Education

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