Will – A perspective

Inner Will (your actions or effort) – A Perspective

“It is greater to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours and no one can take it away from you” – Zen Wisdom

Will represents action or effort in any form, effort of body (through limbs), effort of feelings (through expression) and effort of thought (through clarity). Will is also karma from a Vedic lens. Like the old saying from rural India, ‘What all Karma have you done? Or What is your Karma?’

Like an iceberg, Will (action or effort) appears at the surface or interface between your inner-desires (bottom part) and your outer-self (top part) through which the world perceives you or you connect with it.

If your inner-being and your outer-self are fully aligned and in harmony, then your outer-self i.e., your physical, mental and emotional states easily follow your inner or true desires or it means your body simply does whatever you’ve asked of it. We can observe this by how you keep your word to others, since we cannot truly see or know how you keep your word for own yourself.

Here, the ‘word’ means your inner-desire or true-desire. The difficulty is in recognizing your inner-desire or voice and not getting confused with your body’s voice.

Your outer-will (actions) is driven by foremost of virtues – courage and courage in turn is driven by genuine love and true love arises from true surrender – surrender to your true-self or the universal spirit that guides you.

‘Will’ is like the engine and courage is the fuel. Courage is need for expressing freely, thinking boldly and for following through with your actions. Our world seems to be running out of fuel both literally and metaphorically with regard to will. This virtue is the absolute need if we are to do any meaningful work.

Similarly, your outer-self connects to an outer spiritual force through your worldly actions (will) showcased through your skills, knowledge, talents, gifts and grace.

As an example, if your true desire is to make a billion dollars or find a cure for a disease or become a 100m Olympic gold medallist, then you will achieve that goal, provided your inner and outer will is fully aligned, in your true control and you have strengthened your will to access real intuition and gained an absolute mastery over your body elements – at this stage, where your outer-will (body) simply follows all your inner-desires.

Some clarifications for the words used above;

Inner Will = Inner Self = True Desire = True Ego

True Desire = Not someone else’s desire or the society desire, but your own.

Outer Will = Outer Self = Outer or Body’s Desire = False Ego

Body represents your current form in this life and includes your physical, mental and emotional states or beings.

Inner Will is the spirit or spiritual force that resides in your body and uses your body as a tool or instrument to express its true desires to the outer world.

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