Apprentice Circle

The elemental qualities of each individual are often buried under multiple layers of conformity. Just like a farmer, we have to create optimum conditions in which they are able to push through those limiting layers of mental and emotional baggage and flourish.

The Apprentice Circle is designed to integrate meaning and functional learning through the social and civic projects taken up by adolescents and young adults, with a combination of self-directed, peer-assisted and mentor-led sessions. Our programs nurture the individuality of each apprentice while ensuring that connections are created through overlapping ideals and values with their peers and mentors.

The mixed age-group of apprentices ensures a synergetic and symbiotic mindset, each one learning and benefiting from the other. At the end of their project, the apprentices deliver their learnings to a larger audience through classroom sessions, practical demonstrations, live interactions and their own published works to government schools, rural schools and children from underprivileged backgrounds.

We have learnt that true empathy only develops from hands-on experience, that engaging with our environment and the local community is the way to build our bravery muscles, that real learning comes from the most unexpected sources, and that doing our work deliberately and consistently strengthens our will, collectively moving us forward.

The act of mentoring thrives on partnership and collaboration—within schools, between schools, and with other groups and organizations. Our role is to mentor the apprentices through hands-on and holistic methods so that they’re outfitted to face the future.


Self-directed and mentor-led learning with peers and mixed age group. Authentic, experiential project work; fully or partially sponsored for select students*; work and learning opportunity for youngsters.

Program objective: To help youngsters cultivate leadership, resilience, confidence, great habits, strength of will, collaboration and inner strength to face life’s challenges.

Ages 14 – 24 years

Awards and certificates issued at the end of the Apprentice and Internship Program.

* Selection of students at the mentor’s discretion. Conditions apply.


  • Self-Directed, Co-learning, Mentor-Led Learning Program
  • Authentic, Meaningful project-based, hands-on learning
  • Journaling & portfolio management
  • Learning encounters & appreciative inquiry among other

3 months, intensive learning program for 13-21 years. Students & Intern batch, starting from 01st July 2019 to 28th Sep 2019. Suitable for homeschoolers, un-schoolers, free schoolers and alternate education learners and others welcome.

Program runs from Mon to Thu – 4 Days, flexible basis travel-trip learning. Program helps cultivate personal leadership, inner strength and community spirit. One of its kind program in India using ‘Apprentice at Sea’ structure as a base for the learning model.

Program Mentor: Capt. Preetham Madhukar and supported by an young team of energetic co-mentors with experience across varied knowledge domains.