Educational Consultancy

The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges and also opportunities to accelerate innovation and social impact in education. Our strategic focus is on building and empowering human capacities and capabilities needed for the 21st century including a willingness to learn, change and innovate.

Empower students to find their own purpose and direction to life

Educational institutions must transform themselves to meet this new student by embracing changes and bringing out cutting edge mentoring and teaching practices and world relevant content while helping students create powerful and impactful portfolios of their work with real issues facing the world by embracing cultural and educational models to enable 21st century learning.

At Skills Beyond Education, we have deep expertise in supporting transformative education initiatives at the local, national, and international levels, including improving student-learning outcomes for children and young adults and partnering with Varuna Foundation and other not-for-profit foundations to strengthen education in India.

21st Century Learning and Development Across All Ages

We also go beyond traditional education to help educational organisations, governments and businesses provide opportunities for lifelong learning so that people can gain the skills and capabilities that future workforces will require.

Our goals is to be a thought leader and partner for prominent global and national educational organisations.

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