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Farm Consultancy

Our farm consultancy is executed under the brand name of ‘Native Homestead’ and our experienced consultants and associates can save you lots of money, resources and time by quickly discovering potential key features, opportunities, problems and limitations within a farm site and how to prevent wastage of resources and use them effectively on your farm with the least carbon foot print as possible.

Our services include to help you design farm spaces of beauty, to be functional and resilient for urban farm owners who are unsure on how to get started on this new path of farming for their families. To work along with architects and contractors to keep the spaces open, beautiful and soulful.

We also help you monetize by helping you curate interesting farm experiences, farm stays with creative programs well planned and executed on your farm without compromising on environment, our values of keep things organic, ethical and inclusive.

Our primary clientele is the urban farmer who wants to purchase a farm – or – who has purchased the farm plot and need’s some help to get started…


Our consultancy services include:
 Guiding principles: Organic, permaculture and bio-dynamic farming practices.
 Design & Project Consultancy for:

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