“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.” – Rudolf Steiner

A wholesome education brings about healing, empowerment and inspiration to the youth – the future leaders of our society. Joy in learning and living, guided by purpose arising from their own inner desire and calling, is the educational culture in which our youngsters will thrive. Laying the foundation of good character, virtues, inspiration, strength and courage paired with various tools and techniques will help them integrate and contribute their knowledge, skills and talents to the world.

In lieu of this, parents and teachers get in their way in spite of their good intentions. Their old habits and perceptions having been hard-wired into their life’s programming, the parents and teachers let their limiting beliefs and fears interfere with the children’s healthy development creating more stumbling blocks than stepping stones to follow their dreams.

We learn what we need to learn,
when we need to learn.

Skills Beyond Education™ is a dedicated team of mentors composed of a diversity of people with different and complementary talents. As a result, strong bonds of friendship, mentorship and community-oriented thinking become the by-products of our learning ventures. Our programs nurture the individual in the realms of their body, feelings and thoughts while ensuring that connections are created with their peers, mentors and community through overlapping values, goals and fellowship.

Skills Beyond Education™ is the fundraising arm of Varuna Foundation and carries out its charitable activities on its behalf. Camps, workshops and learning programs are organized for privileged adolescents, adults and organisations to raise funds for the foundation.

Pick your goals well!
Then dedicate your WILL to the pursuit of your goals
without worrying about the outcome.