Welcome to Willathon Challenge

99% of the people struggle with some form of PROCRASTINATION or LAZINESS.

Get to Know Yourself Better By Working on YOUR WILL

The Most Important RELATIONSHIP is the ONE With YOURSELF



May ‘Sacrifice’

June ‘Bravery’

July ‘Hand of Destiny’

Will LENS – A Perspective on Life.

Nothing Worthwhile in LIFE is Every Achieved Without EFFORT. Great Relationships, Money, Wealth, Business Growth, Career Growth and Any form of Success Requires EFFORT or YOUR WILL.

WILL is the FOUNDATION on which your Gifts, Talents and Skills are showcased to the World. You Require Effort to START Anything and Effort to FINISH What You Started.

Build Your WILL Strength, Courage to be YOUR Authentic Self, Clarity of YOUR Purpose and Choices Through the WILL Challenges.