Inner Strength Program

Any decision without action is pointless. Execution is the key to change our thoughts into action. The more we become aware of how our bodies and minds work, the easier it is to build inner strength to do both great and even mundane tasks.

Like a muscle, we need to consciously build the will to achieve our goals. Age old practices and tools are woven into our workshop “Will Boot Camp” which is designed to build and nurture our will for children and adults.

During school and college years we were primarily concerned with academics, socializing, athletics and career choices. As we proceed into the adult chapter of our lives, we face many issues for which we may or may not have been prepared.

Our Inner Strength Programs helps develop winning habits and rhythms to maintain a healthy lifestyle, incorporating physical and mental fitness, improving personal and professional relationships, setting boundaries, understanding our decision-making patterns, handling crisis, becoming aware of cultural context in communications and overcoming hidden fears, outdated beliefs and ineffective behaviors.

With the advancement of international education and business opportunities, foreign travel will become the norm. Understanding the nature of foreign culture along with sensitivity to people’s practices and beliefs, communication intelligence will help the budding generations face their future world with ease and comfort.

The heart of the Inner Strength Program is to cultivate integrity, character and ability to face challenges of the future. Strong will power to get things done without procrastinating will be the key. This program develops leadership, self-reliance, collaboration, decision-making, self-awareness, life rhythms and inner strength to face life’s challenges.

Inner-strength is part of the apprentice education and our outreach program is to engage with children and teachers as a full-year, project-based or even a summer and holiday workshop.

will boot camp

This camp is exclusively for Adults over 21 years to develop and build their Grit, Resilience, Persistence, Focus, Commitment, Follow-through, Flow-state, Being in the zone, Execution, Creativity, Courage, Intuition and Reverence. These are short (21 days) and long duration ( 6 months) online camps, customised to suit a client. Our popular camps are offered free or voluntary contribution basis once every month and the 21-day camp begins on the 1st of every month. We also offer paid and sponsored camps for individuals and groups.

APPRENTICE boot camp

This camp is exclusively for children above 8 years and young adults up to the age of 21 years to develop and build their Grit, Resilience, Persistence, Focus, Commitment, Follow-through, Flow-state, Being in the zone, Execution, Creativity, Courage, Intuition and Reverence. These are long duration (3 to 6 month) online camps, and are part of a long-series of camps.


Mentoring Program for Adults and Adolescents for building inner strength, will power, decision making, handling uncertainty, stress and becoming more mindful of oneself. Counselling to address work place challenges, stress, depression and uncertainty. Mentoring will be done one-to-one by real-life experts with varied life experience and learnings.


Our flagship program, Star-Gazing Camp, inspires and cultivates cosmic consciousness by building our imagination and creativity through the simple act of gazing up at the night sky and learning our place in the galaxies; how we are all temporal and spiritual beings, yet know so little about the space that surrounds our planet. This session is tailored to suit all age groups – children (can be exclusive or open for all), adults, senior citizens, NGOs, corporates – to tap into the greater inspiration source: the cosmos.


Beginners Program for Adults and Kids. Overnight outdoor camping on the outskirts of the city. Stargaze with a ship captain, learn old sailors’ way of navigation, discover stars, constellations and planets without gadgets and telescopes.

Listen to star-lore and mysteries of our universe whilst watching the night sky and also during the pre-dawn star-gaze walk. Learn to identify the zoo-circle, pick up tips on astro-photography and learn to recognize galaxies and the milky way. Understanding our place in the universe and how we can relate to it physically and spiritually.

Program is designed for a soulful connect with the cosmos apart from learning tools and techniques for star-gazing for both adults and children over 11 years.

Viewing is subject to weather and light conditions.


  1. Mentor training program
  2. Personal and Occupational Safety
  3. Safety and Security at Schools and Colleges
  4. Mindful Parenting
  5. Decision Making
  6. Social and Emotional Learning Camps

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