Maritime Consultancy

Skills Beyond Education’s maritime consultancy arm focus on strategic maritime consulting assignments covering the entire maritime  industry and its related practice areas by providing in-depth industry knowledge, assessment and analysis to meet the demands of the client. Our maritime services offer preparing Detailed Project Reports, Concept and Master plans for clients looking to operate in the maritime industry and cruise industry.

Cruise and Maritime Consultancy

Skills Beyond Education has established itself in varied consulting practices around the maritime service industry to meet the modern and changing demands of the industry and clients. With access to a vast network of maritime experts and specialists coming in with a vast maritime knowledge and database, we are able to provide quality consulting and research-based maritime services to a wide pool of Indian and international clients.

We help our client create value for their business through deep understanding of the maritime industry and cutting edge thinking. We stand as ideal choice as maritime consultant with a international and nationally experienced seafaring experts forming an highly energetic and talented team who come up with innovative ideas and concepts.

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