Personal Mentoring

For Teens and Adults

Having a dedicated coach and mentor working in parallel with you can be a game changer for successfully achieving your goals and dreams.

Your personal coaching and mentoring is designed to give you a power-packed lifestyle boost and to enrich your learnings.

Mentoring Program for Adults and Adolescents for building inner strength, will power, decision making, handling uncertainty, stress and becoming more mindful of oneself. Counselling to address work place challenges, stress, depression and uncertainty. Mentoring will be one-to-one by real-life experts with varied life experience and learnings.

Connect with us over WHATSAPP on (+91) 89511 40598 to book a coaching and mentoring call with;

  1. Capt. Preetham Madhukar for Teens and Adults.
  2. Natasha Menezes for Teens and Young Adults (<24 years)
  3. Sandhya Durai for Adults (>33 years for Biographical Healing)
  4. Sangeeta Kamat for Adults (>33 years for Biographical Healing)