Our Solution

Layers of Life – A will-perspective

We activate the three elements in the individual – body, feeling, thought – by balancing one’s overall development with a specific strengthening process. The knowledge, skills and techniques are all mediums which we use to facilitate this inner growth to help the individual find their purpose in this life. Our goal is to kindle that purpose with the individual’s own imagination, inspiration and intuition so that they may pursue their intention with courage and grit and complete their work to its highest degree.

Our own inspiration is drawn from anthroposophy, democratic education, apprentice-at-sea learning model, open schooling and other educational philosophies which provide a strategic fit to our mission.

We curate skills and practices from traditional and modern knowledge which are essential for achieving goals in this 21st Century world. We bring about the awareness to adapt and overcome the heavy dependency on our automation devices and instead, learn to work alongside them. Like many people working in this realm of education, our list of objectives isn’t too different except how we approach the problem and solution:

Our mentoring practices is the keystone of our work. How we bring the content and skills is based on a combination of acquiring traditional practices and merging it with modern concepts on mentoring. Our work is shaped with the experience and cross-domain knowledge of learning, teaching and mentoring from different work disciplines and expert mentors.

We work to inspire, educate and train the individual to work on themselves, to enable them to form their own original thinking and to develop the courage to pursue their dream. Enabling them to self-learn equips them with confidence and courage, and sets them on a path to great leadership in their own fields of interest. We execute our mission by conducting various workshops and camps for adolescents and adults, which range from a day, to a week, and some of our programs which last a year. Our purpose is to work with individuals, private and government schools, colleges and organizations by bringing our leading edge and one-of-its-kind self-development programs to all.